SOTA Dental is a Cancun based collaborative of endodontists (root canal specialists) trained in microscopic root canal therapy & treatment.

Initial xrays can be deceiving. When I looked at it, I thought to myself easy case. It wasn’t that easy. Mesio-bucal canal very hard to patent. And two separate distal canals very narrow at the apical third. Never say it’s easy! Root canal anatomy it’s complex.

Patient said that his upper left first molar has already been treated by an endodontist two weeks ago. He had a lot of pain during the procedure and decided to change to a different dentist. From the initial xray I can see that the tooth had already been accessed and the canals treated. So even…

You don’t need a microscope to have a high % of mb2 in your upper molar cases. It’s more a willing and passion to do things right. But if you do have a microscope that helps too much. Hopefully I can have one soon.

Cervical external resorption or just decay?? Complex treatment planning and decisions. I suggested extraction of 2nd lower molar, since the restorability seems almost imposible. Patient had heart issues and was taking Plavix (anticoagulant). Referal and patient wanted to keep the tooth. I removed the affected tissue. There was a degree of communication. So I placed…

These cases where the decay it’s at the neck of the tooth are hard to decide whether to save or extract. In this case the referral and patient choose to keep it. The #rct was not the problem. Symptoms of irreversible pulpitis. Protaper Universal.