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Can Third Molars Trigger Problems in Mexico?

In a dental clinic it is very common to see people who go to the dentist for any pathology related to third molars, and this is not really surprising when you consider the long list of oral problems that can cause the wisdom teeth, for it is quite likely that any of us can suffer them.

It is for this reason why in this article we’ll explain what both pathologies as the characteristics and symptoms thereof caused by these teeth which, today, you could say that we do not need are both functional and aesthetically. Knowing this, surely you will not miss any extraction of wisdom teeth is a sought after option today.

What problems caused by third molars?

One of the problems that we can find, of course, is a nagging feeling pain while coming out, but what not everyone knows is what the source of these problems so intense and pungent character.

We should note that the process of eruption of third molars is very slow, and started much later than in the rest of the teeth. This causes the jaw bone is much stronger, so it ends up becoming a situation that brings great pain, causing inflammation in the area.

On the other hand, we must also talk about periodontal problems caused by going to cancun mexico for dental workthese wheels, and to explain this phenomenon we must consider that are poorly located inside the mouth, which makes it possible to have problems when a correct hygiene on these teeth, so we will not be strange that too much plaque and tartar buildup, thus producing a clear gingival deterioration.

Finally, another problem but no less important is the third molars cause dental malposition. The problem is that if they do not have enough room to erupt, eventually pushing the rest of teeth, thereby producing a dental crowding, and causing unfortunately a problem both aesthetically and functionally.

In short, we can see that clearly are a multitude of problems that are associated with wisdom teeth and it is recommended that we go to our dentist trusted him to check the status of these molars, and in case of suffering some kind of problem, start with the treatment.