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Protect the Gums and Teeth in Mexico

To protect the gums and teeth, the most important thing is to consider two aspects: food and cleaning. In addition to schedule regular dental visits, individual work at home is paramount, even more than the control by a professional.

The oral hygiene allows us to prevent diseases and severe diseases, also common, which can affect not only our teeth, but other areas of our mouth. The gum disease, periodontitis, tooth decay, bad breath, and sores in the mouth … The most common damages – which can become serious pathologies – is that we can control with simple brushing.

However, the dental visit every six months should be taken as an obligation, as part of our routine. In fact, many studies have shown that many of these diseases can be avoided with regular appointments and thus effectively helps protect the gums and teeth. Thanks to the professionals in clinics Propdental, carrying out personalized monitoring of each patient, have been able to prevent many cases of tooth loss. On the other hand, they have also managed to rise in the two aspects we have mentioned above: food and cleaning. A balanced diet and good oral hygiene are guaranteed in case of more reliable protection. How do I know I’m eating well? What technique has to use to brush teeth properly?


Soft foods and those containing sugar are mixed with bacteria and microbes in the mouth produce acids and directly threaten the integrity of the teeth and gums. The best way to prevent tooth decay – the most common disease among the population, after cold – is reducing the amount and frequency of sugar intake. It’s not as bad as it seems, but if you eat in moderation. What are the healthiest foods? Those those are good for the body in general, so are to protect the gums and teeth. Join the following tips to maintain a balanced diet:

It is essential to eat different types of food at each meal.

Everyone should be sure to eat enough food to get the energy your body needs. This is really important, because experts say that food gives us half or more of our energy.

We must take precautions against the sugary foods. Honey, molasses and white sugar are particularly harmful to our teeth and gums. It is best taken in moderation and replaces them with fruits, nuts and oils that give us energy without generating negative consequences.


Every time those teeth are cleaned, the patient should be careful to do it the dental care cancun mexicoright way. Better a good clean well made, that several poorly made. However, it is advisable to brush your teeth at least twice daily. Moreover, in most cases it is necessary to use a brush that is soft, soft bristle, to prevent damage to the gums and other soft tissues of the mouth. The washing of the teeth need time and care, because if we do so quickly, we leave food scraps and microbes between the teeth. How should I use your toothbrush to protect gums and teeth?

Carefully brush the sides from outside, inside and above the teeth. In both arches you have to do the same procedure.

Once completed this step, rinse your mouth with water to ensure that all food debris and bacteria have all been left out of the mouth.

Finally, the patient should place the tips of the brush between his teeth, sweeping them out to remove pieces of food that can be stored there. You must perform this step with all teeth. Cleaning between the parts is very important and can also use a toothbrush, acquire specialized as dental floss or wax utensils. The interdental brush is also useful for removing leftover food that a final rinse has been unable to remove.