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Care: Excessive Toothbrushing has Consequences in Mexico

No exaggeration to say that routine oral hygiene is the most important technique in avoiding all kinds of pathologies in our mouth, such as gingivitis prevention, tooth decay or periodontitis. Similarly, through brushing, we got a nice smile and free of dirt, halitosis, food particles or plaque, making really healthy. If, however, we must also know what consequences we make are excessive toothbrushing.

The consequences of excessive toothbrushing

Proper oral hygiene is one that is done after every meal, and includes dental floss in order to eliminate food debris and plaque that stays in places reach with a toothbrush becomes mission impossible, as the teeth or plate that is below the gum. Another good idea is that we use fluoridated toothpaste and make use of one of mouthwashes that can be found among an extensive range on the market, and that this will greatly help in preventing tooth decay and, incidentally, have fresh breath.

Today we can find many people who are obsessed with showing a perfect smile, and some of these people believe that the more times a day teeth more shiny and healthy will be the brush.

Since Propdental Clinics have to disprove this, it is that this practice is as dental work cancun mexicocommon as unreliable. This situation of excess brushing causes a long list of problems at the oral level, led by fluorosis.

This disease is manifested by a whitish spots that are completely different hue unsightly. What is the reason for this? The agency receives a greater amount of fluoride which can tolerate, and that is why these spots appear that affect the dental aesthetics.

Naturally there is other faster as enamel wear, especially if we use stiff fences consequences. To prevent excessive wear our nail polish if we have already weak, we use a soft bristle brush.

In this way, we want to make clear that although the oral hygiene is a key to maintaining good oral health factor, we must keep in mind that anything in excess is good, and in this case, has consequences that just seek to avoid.