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Heal a Cavity by a Filling in Mexico

Many people who come to clinics Propdental to treat dental caries is that we have oral disease, with gingivitis, the most common and usual. In this sense it is vital rapid diagnosis as heal a cavity by a filling, simple and painless intervention is possible only when the disease is in its early stage and only affects the enamel.

And we must not forget that caries is a disease that is characterized by show no obvious symptoms during this first phase, hence the importance of going regularly to our dentist to check the condition of our teeth as well as the rest of oral tissues.

Dental fillings | Heal a cavity by a filling

As we discussed in the previous paragraph, fix a cavity through a filling is a widely used resource today is that we are talking about a very simple, fast and painless process that not only allows us to eradicate caries but you also get to recover both the aesthetics and functionality of the affected part.

To carry out this process is only necessary that caries affects the enamel and usually attacks the chewing surfaces of molars and premolars. What is this intervention? Once there the specialist confirmed that this is an initial caries, the decayed through a specific instrument and using local anesthesia so that the patient will not notice any discomfort during part is removed.

The next step of dental fillings will fill the remaining gap in the tooth dental implants cancun mexicothrough composite resin; Material widely used today in dentistry and noted for its strength, durability and respect the dental aesthetics have a color similar to the tooth. Finally, it’s time to harden the composite through a special light and, as a last step, check that the bite is correct after restoration.

In short, this is a process that takes about about 15 minutes which will be very useful to heal cavities, and is especially recommended if you consider that this is a disease that will be developed not only affects the enamel, since if not corrected it will access inside the tooth to reach the dental pulp, seriously endangering the tooth.

After speaking of the peculiarities of filling certain that we understand the reasons why we are facing one of the interventions that have a greater claim today.

… Before caries. Immediate action!