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Let’s talk about Aesthetic Braces: Lingual Orthodontics in Mexico

People suffering from diseases such as dental crowding or misalignment can choose from a large number of orthodontic techniques, through which achieved see how their teeth are aligned.

Improvements in aligning teeth are both aesthetic and functional, besides being a great measure of prevention of pathologies, as with healthy dentition be much simpler we can make proper oral hygiene routine.

To eliminate this problem, one of the techniques that have greater demand today is that of Lingual Orthodontics. Its main feature is that the bracket placement is placed on the inside of the teeth. Now we will elaborate on this technique for any patient who needs information to know what the main features of Lingual Orthodontics are.

Lingual orthodontic technique

As mentioned a moment ago, the most remarkable catacterística of this technique is that the brackets are placed on the inside of the teeth. Thanks to this we can say that this is a totally cosmetic solution to correct the position of our teeth. The period of adaptation to this is relatively simple and fast, so that by the time they have spent a couple of weeks, the patient will be completely adapted to this technique

Any patient who wants to undergo this type of braces to correct the position of your teeth can do, since it is not necessary to meet prerequisites, the only highlight is that the price is slightly higher compared with the conventional technique of orthodontics.

Lingual orthodontics proposes dental esthetics conservation throughout dental work in cancun mexicothe process, which makes many patients decant pro this technique. The drawbacks that we can find in the process of lingual orthodontics are that some patients take longer to adapt to this technique, due to the friction of the language in brackets.

The great competence of this method is the Invisalign technique, as their removable aligners are transparent, so that not only respect our dental aesthetics, but also offer a huge convenience and can quietly carry out daily activities such as eating or performing routine daily oral hygiene. In clinical Propdental We specialize in cosmetic dentistry, so if you need orthodontic treatment you can get close to any of our clinics, where our medical team will indicate the most appropriate solution to your expectations and needs.