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What Causes Bad Position in The Teeth in Mexico?

The dental malposition is something you see very often in Propdental Clinics. Fortunately, this condition is correctable through the process of orthodontics, and also, are many techniques that are available to us today.

To better understand both the disease and its solution, we will discuss the main causes of teeth malposition, as some factors are preventable.

Causes of malposition of teeth

As sure many people expected, genetics is an important factor in influencing our teeth, which also includes the misalignment, as occurs with the quality of the structure of the tooth, the probability of having more or less prone to oral diseases…

After genetics, we must also talk about other causes that are directly related to the dental malposition, such as keeping the pacifier or prolong the use of the bottle past two years in the infant. Other bad habits and behaviors that might be involved in this are breathing through the mouth, as this disrupts the smooth development of the maxilla or the tendency to thumbsucking. Correct these habits will be vital in order to not cause any problems in the mouth.

dental care in cancun mexicoDental trauma also is another factor to consider, which is that these fractures often mean the loss of teeth. In these cases, many parents choose not to treat loss, because “it’s a boy, and the final will grow”, but the loss of teeth traumatically adversely affect the correct position of the permanent teeth.

Thus, we see that the causes of tooth malposition are diverse, where many of them can be avoided through some guidelines.

For our dental position is not correct, we should know that there are innovative techniques that respect our aesthetic, and technical Invisalign, lingual orthodontics, but aesthetic as well as traditional methods, such as sapphire brackets in the field of orthodontics . These are just some examples, but its advantages are innumerable, and are constantly developing.