Cuspal Coverage Restoration

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Patient female 25 y.o. Came with a lot of pain after arriving to Cancun ✈, pulp still vital. One visit treatment. A cuspal coverage restoration was recommended. She will get to enjoy her vacation🏄🏼‍♀️

Professional Discussion

perryendo Nice job! 👍🏻

drgilbertogalvez Thanks 🙏 @perryendo 😉

francorf Need a part time restorative Dr there? I would love to practice part time in Cancun!

discoverdentists who else really loves this ?

drgilbertogalvez @francorf thanks for the offer haha where r u from?

zizou12 How do you get those puffs of sealers? Do you do something more when obturating?

odontopardobuck 👏👏

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