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Love the flexibility not so much that they loose their shape during instrumentation. They kind of dance 💃🏼 between canals. I guess I’m used to regular nickel titanium.

Professional Discussion

dr.bilaltawk Doctor..type of this low speed handpice or rotary endodontic machine?

constans29 Nice Video 👌👍

cristi_nika Is this the new Protaper Gold?

tracybogg What instrument is that

mbrufman.endo @drgilbertogalvez is that wave one gold? I feels weird but you will get used to them. It is a great system. I nowadays prefer reciprocating systems to rotary systems. Regardless, I don’t use them for all the cases. Enjoy.

dr.karpenko @drgilbertogalvez the name of frame for the rubber dam?

andynapoles1988 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌

drgilbertogalvez @bilaltawk @cristi_nika@tracybog86 @matiasbrufman this is EdgeEndo instruments. EdgeTaper Platinum, to be exact. They say that it is compatible with Protaper Gold. I’ve never tried Protaper Gold thought. This is heat-treated firewire NiTi.

drgilbertogalvez @dr.karpenko visiframe. They’re great.

mbrufman.endo Thank you @drgilbertogalvez

insta.endo Have you tried the edge file x7? They are 👌, especially the 17.04

ljidaa I think that endo file is RECIPROC @tracybog86

nydeggerendo @insta.endo I agree. Edge file X7 are my favorite

drgilbertogalvez Thanks guys @insta.endoand @nydeggerendo I will try that x7 too. You are not the first ones to mention it. 👍👍

nydeggerendo My rotary motors are old so I don’t use reciprocation. Not sure how X7 would do with reciprocation.

mh_tomas y porq no irriga?

alivium24h Nice! Thanks for sharing.

albiesvdw Don’t like the swing dance 💃 either.

5h0k0oh @5h1ma

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