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Ok, sometimes it’s easy. The funny thing about this case is the discussion with the patient. She said: instead of doing the root canal treatment, why better not extract it if it’s going to have problem in the future? Why not extract it now?… I told her: who told you it’s going to have a problem? She said: I just assume. I said: why don’t we remove one of your kidneys just in case it’s going to have a problem in the future… just assuming…😌☝we had a laugh. She understood the point. Let’s save teeth! Let’s keep them as long as possible. They are important organs of our amazing body.

Professional Discussion

karenmcquail1 What grade mobility do you accept to continue with endo treatment in large span bridge abutments?

eric_sulistio Agree doc 😄

schecterdental Save teeth!

perryendo 😂👍🏻

drgalalnour Endo perio lesion?

drgilbertogalvez @karenmcquail1 difficult to answer. There’s so many things that can vary from patient to patient. Ideally movility type I.

drgilbertogalvez @drgalalnour no, just necrotic pulp and chronic apical periodontitis.

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