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What do you think of this one?!Pic send to me by a good colleague. He refers that patient has no symptoms, just a bit of mobility.
Treatment and Prognosis?🤓

Professional Discussion

jlglezro Hola Dr, habría que evaluar varios factores, uno de ellos el oclusal, podría ser trauma por oclusión por sobrecarga de fuerzas mal disipadas, otro factor podría ser una lesión periapical y pulpar retrógrada, evaluando esos factores y tratamiento de conductos, probablemente el pronóstico sea bueno, un saludo.

chadechristensen Vitality tests show what? If vital, referral for biopsy

st.udm Endo-perio Tx. 🙂

assadialsubaie Cyst? It’s probably a vertical crack. Does the patient have signs of bruxism? Or if the patient had a wisdom tooth extraction the second molar could be cracked during the operation.

dr.m.hasani Perio-endo lesion

avks Endo-perio lesion. Endo-perio treatment 😉

drgilbertogalvez Thanks everyone. When I see the patient, I will have more feedback. 😉

astaneh_roza Endo treatment and follow the radiographic lesion several times.also need counsult with periodontologyst

eman030 bone loss and periapical radiolucency furcation involvement often poor prognosis .

anooshaqammar this is periapical cyst!

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