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So sometimes we extrude sealer out of the canal while doing our filling procedures. But have you ever drawn with it?!😳😳..😅

Professional Discussion

endotoyganbora Like puffs 👌🏻😆 @drgilbertogalvez we all have similar cases

dr_czo_microendo Nice one! I think that its liquid gutrapercha that went away through lateral or delta canal 🤓 but puffs too 🙂what system did You use? Anyway, it means that you’ve performed a great chemical preparation 👏👏👏

drgilbertogalvez @dr_czo_microendothanks! It’s sealer because I did lateral condensation 😁

dr_czo_microendo @drgilbertogalvez Okk must be puffs then 🙂 Nice 👏👏👏

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