Irreversible Pulpitis Case

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Irreversible pulpitis case.
Protaper Next, is a fast shapping protocol. When Protaper Next came out I didn’t like the fact it came without S1 and S2. But x1 does the work of those two. Thought it takes some time to get x2 to working length, I think it’s a big jump. So don’t force it go down on the first attempt. Just my opinion 😁 have a great day saving or healing teeth!

Professional Discussion

a_n_t_o_n_vdk Outstanding 👏 as usually 👍👍👍

syanez1123 Totally agree never force The X2 file , so prone for failure!

perryendo Very nice @drgilbertogalvez 💪🏻

monse_armenia 😂 el monito

sir_bmagmed Usaste Gates Glidden?

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