Microscopic Photography

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My first attempts of microscopic photography. Any tips welcome please.

Professional Discussion

southmsendo That’s better than my first attempt. Better than my500th attempt. CJ OPTIKS? What camera ? Sony?

perryendo Nice image! 👍🏻 @drgilbertogalvez

constans29 Tssss!!! 👍

masoud.esfandiarii Can u please explain about this liquid and ur first attempt??

raphaelinar Great job!!

drdimashkieh 😳😳🔬🔭🔎 micro minimal invasive 👍🏻

drgilbertogalvez @southmsendo thanks! yes CJ OPTIKS! Camera Sony Alpha 6000. Believe that pic was 1/250 and ISO 2500 1x 🤔 if I remember correctly.

drgilbertogalvez @masoud.esfandiarii it’s sodium hypochlorite. And well first attemps means I’m still finding out the settings on the camera that will work for the different cases.

dds_roque @drgilbertogalvez Happy new year. Please help me understand this concept. I don’t get it. I understand being conservative for structural integrity but is this a select case thing? I always thought the mesial buccal pulp horn was under the mesial buccal cusp yet in this pic everything is centralized and it looks like there would still be pulp horns. The case looks great just want to understand more about the concepts. Do you have any X-rays of this case. Thanks for any info you would like to share. I like your endo page very informative. Cheers

dds_roque I mean I know that the irrigant is what breaks everything down and the suction will evacuate it. Would you still crown these teeth? Or a perm filling over the access?

drgilbertogalvez @dds_roque the idea is to preserve as much hard tissue as possible. Sometimes removing the pulp horns with burs will imply removing a lot of hard tissue. So we rely on irrigants and irrigation methods like ultrasonics, to remove the pulp tissue that is on this pulp horns. And yes it depends on every case. But as much sound tissue we can preserve the better long term prognosis. The xray of this case it’s posted already. I’ll send it to you.

dr_czo_microendo Ninja access 🐢👌👏👍

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