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Ok. It’s funny when a referring dentist tells you I already made the ’emergency access’. You take an x-ray and find out he actually didn’t. Irreversible pulpitis case. 4 independent canals. Just to remind us that leaving and mb2 untreated is the main cause of failure in upper molars. I used Protaper Next. Great week for everyone!!✌

Professional Discussion

dr.listopad Beautiful 👏

schecterdental looks good

drmatthewyoungdmd Beautiful endo! Only thought would be a more complete BU removing all the decay. But well done!

drgilbertogalvez @drmatthewyoungdmdit’s not decay. The tooth had a coronal fracture. And I agree in the xrays it might look like decay, but it’s not. Hard sound tissue left.

drmatthewyoungdmd @drgilbertogalvezthat makes sense, 👍

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