Too Calcified Canals

Too Calcified Canals

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Previously open by RD. Little note sent to me: “the canals are too calcified. I can’t reach length”. Patient claimed that she attended to 6 appointments before the dentist referred her. At least he was persistent 💪. I have to give him that. I found and shaped the canals. Extra root cases are always fun. I left calcium hydroxide, because so many previous appointments and patient was in real pain. After a week she was asymptotic so I finished the case.

Professional Discussion

zgendo Great photos as always! 👍👍

mahyarheydari Nice job, which kind of rotary system you have used??

drgilbertogalvez @zgendo thank you my friend

drgilbertogalvez @mahyarheydari i used EdgeEndo x7 0.4 for this case

mahyarheydari @drgilbertogalvez thanks for your answer, and would you mind giving more data about your obturation( I mean which technique an which size of gp)???

dr.eugenbuga very nice case bro! 👌

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