Tough Cases

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😰😬tough cases. Very calcified. When facing difficult canals my advice would be to start with the easy ones. That way you feel you are moving on. If you get stuck with the difficult canals you will feel anxious because there is so much left to do. Hope this helps!

Professional Discussion

odontista 😘💗✨

welboxbr Sua foto é muito legal…

baazigar_ File system??

root_canal_panama I always do the same my friend! Easy ones first!

muradnarchaev Thank you!

drgilbertogalvez @baazigar_ EdgeEndo

drgilbertogalvez @root_canal_panamaspecially when doing two cases at once. 😁

aseelkhaled91 What you used for coronal restoration? I

zrinkadivicboberic I do the same otherwise I feel defeted by them 😂

drgilbertogalvez @aseelkhaled91 I think the restorative dentist will restore with full emax crowns.

asma.sami97 Great advice thanks!

asma.sami97 Read it;) @mohammed_hazem11

aseelkhaled91 @drgilbertogalvez I mean as temporary, cause there is leakage & the 2 temporary are connected

docbrandmann Amazing!

drgilbertogalvez @aseelkhaled91 clip by voco (radiolucent) and provisit (radiopac) just for a few hours. Patient was restored next day. It didn’t have leakage, don’t worry.

mohammed_hazem11 @asma2s2_ amazing 👌🏼

asma.sami97 @mohammed_hazem11 just as you dr😌

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