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Did you know that microscopes are used in many other dental procedures for higher clinical success rates? Most dental procedures (not just root canal treatments) benefit from the use of microscopes. We work side-by-side with the most highly skilled doctors & specialists in Mexico trained in microscopic dentistry & 3D scanning.



Root Canal Front (1 root)
$250 USD
Root Canal Premolar (2 roots)
$300 USD
Root Canal Molar (3 or 4 canals)
$350 USD
Root Canal Retreatment Front (1 root)
$350 USD
Root Canal Retreatment Premolar (2 canals)
$400 USD
Root Canal Retreatment Molar (3 or 4 canals)
$450 USD
Build Up & Post
$150 USD

Common Procedures

$60 USD - $120 USD
$280 USD - $420 USD
$400 USD - $550 USD
$150 USD - $500 USD
$900 USD - $1200 USD
$580 USD - $5,400 USD
All on 4
$13,000 USD - $16,000 USD
Full Mouth Reconstruction
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Prices vary slightly between specialists & clinic locations.


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