SOTA Dental is a Cancun based, American managed collaborative of dental professionals focusing dental implants & complex full mouth reconstructions.

We organize a team of dental specialists who exemplify the absolute highest level of technical skills & professionalism.

Our focus is specifically on patients coming to Mexico from abroad who want the same level of services as offered in the United States.


We arrange your appointment with our specialists and guide you through your trip abroad. Our bilingual/native English secretary coordinates all procedures and is available via phone, email, and text during the duration of your trip.

Also, our US management organizes this collaborative and continually visits each location in Mexico to ensure they are maintaining the high standards set forth by the American Dental Association’s “Code of Ethics” & the US CDC’s “Infection Prevention Practices”.

SOTA Dental streamlines your dental work abroad & provides direct access to our highly-skilled specialists & clinics in Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Puerto Morelos, & Tulum.


All dentists & specialists working within the SOTA Dental collaborative are by invite only and are held to very strict, first world standards in order to maintain their status with us.

Each dental specialist is continually re-evaluated to ensure they are meeting American health standards and providing outstanding technical services.


We understand that traveling to another country for major dental work can be scary, but having native-level English communication can really bring a sense of ease to the entire process.

When booking through SOTA Dental, you can rest assured that your doctors are safe, professional, & communicate directly in English.


Absolutely not! You will never pay us for medical assistance! You will always pay directly at each clinic and pay the same as a walk-in.

Prices listed on our website are guaranteed to be identical to those charged at each clinic. Coming from abroad for treatments can save you up to 70% off US dental prices.

Part of what we have done is to help standardize most of the prices between clinics and provide an honest price structure for patients.

*Prices vary slightly between clinic locations depending on the materials & brands used. We offer different prices to accommodate different budgets.


Use our Instant Quote form to ask our doctors a question or explain your case. By uploading your case with x-rays, photographs, or other related files, we can help speed up this process.

Our team personally reviews all case files submitted on our Instant Quote form. We will contact you immediately after reviewing.


SOTA Dental was founded in the United States by American patients & professionals with first hand experience abroad seeking verifiable medical & dental treatment outside of the United States. It’s hard to know if your doctor is qualified when traveling aboard for medical work. Dental tourism is a multi-billion dollar industry which can lead to some unusual & sometimes deceptive business practices in countries not held to the legal standards of the US, Canada, Japan, Australia, & Europe.


  • Doctors with exaggerated qualifications
  • Forced patient testimonials immediately after procedures
  • Discounted treatments in exchanged for positive testimonials
  • Call centers employees claiming to be actual doctors
  • Treatment plans prescribed by non-doctors
  • Unacceptable wait times
  • Non-guaranteed work
  • Bait-and-switch with low quality dental products
  • Being seen by different doctors than advertised
  • Unreliable transportation services
  • Inability to speak with actual doctors before arriving
  • Lower volumes of anesthesia (pain numbing)
  • Lower sterilization standards
  • Over-treatment
  • Lack of personalized care due to over-booking
  • Creating proxy companies to spread out bad reviews
  • Photoshop manipulated before/after photos
  • Over-worked doctors & assistants
  • Low paid doctors due to high–volume turnovers
  • Providing unrealistic treatment schedules


  • Be members of the American Dental Association
  • Have exceptional business ethics
  • Maintain a state-of-the-art clinic
  • Located in a safe & popular location
  • Trained in microscopic dentistry
  • Received higher education within their dental specialty
  • Offer Guarantees
  • Offer transportation services to patients traveling to and from airport/hotel
  • Speak fluent English & communicate directly with patients
  • Provide (if requested) cloud based dental records for patients use in their home country
  • Maintain at least a 9/10 ranking on “not-for-profit” review platforms
  • Submit outstanding case files periodically for international peer review
  • Continue their education locally, virtually, & abroad
  • Actively present cases on social media


Technology is reshaping the dental field but not all clinics are keeping up. It’s hard to know if a dentist is using the latest technology available to ensure the best possible outcome for his/her patients. It is especially hard when coming from abroad. All doctors working with SOTA Dental are passionate about being at the forefront of technology with microscopes, 3D scanners, lasers, & in-house labs. We specialize in complex cases.

Microscopic dentistry is one of the most exciting technologies advancing dental these days. While all specialties within dental can benefit from the use of microscopes, endodontists are one of the primary beneficiaries of this new technology. Failed root canal treatments are often the result of negligence by undertrained dentists. Small amounts of bacteria are sometimes accidently left within the canal of a tooth during these procedures that leads to future infections & costly retreatments. Properly examining a tooth with a microscope enables detailed surgical precision and higher success rates in our cases.

Before being seen by a SOTA Dental specialist, you can speak with your doctor to ensure that you are fully prepared. We have specialists on our team working at several dental clinics throughout Mexico and pride ourselves in having the absolute brightest minds innovating on an international level within their dental field. We guarantee that you will be seen by a dental specialist who is not only skilled, but also passionate about their work.

SUMMER SPECIAL for new SOTA Dental patients.
Receive a free 6 Day / 5 Night hotel stay at a 4 or 5 star resort after being treated by our specialists.

This promotion is perfect for dental implant patients who require 2 trips for their procedures. It’s also perfect for patients who simply want a check-up after being seen by our specialists. Inquire via our INSTANT QUOTE form.

Retail Price : $3,120
Patient Price : Local Tax Only
*Available to SOTA Dental patients only
* some conditions apply * All prices shown in USD

Dental Implants in Mexico

Dental implants are the most commonly performed procedure at SOTA Dental. This is the best way to restore aesthetics and functionality to your mouth. Using 3D computer scanning & state-of-the-art tools, SOTA Dental’s surgeons have performed hundreds of dental implant surgeries with the highest level of precision. Unlike some other clinics in Mexico, we only use the FDA approved top brands in dental implants such as Straumann, Nobel, & NEODENT.

Timeline for Dental Implants in Cancun

Dental implant procedures at SOTA Dental usually require 2 trips or “phases”.

The 1st phase is the surgical phase in which the dental implant is set into the bone. This phase takes anywhere from 30 minutes for simple cases to a few hours for complex cases.

The 2nd phase is performed generally after 6 months of tissue healing. During the 2nd phase, the abutment & dental crown are placed. In some cases, we can perform both procedures on the same trip.

Important Resources on Dental Impant US Prices


Dental Implant (Single)

Phase 1
from $800 USD
Phase 2
from $640 USD


Phase 1
from $6,400 USD
Phase 2
from $5,400 USD

Snap on Denture (4 Implants)

Phase 1
from $3,900
Phase 2
from $3,800

*We have options to fit different budgets.
Prices vary slightly between brands. Use our INSTANT QUOTE form to send us x-rays, panoramics, or other related files to help us better understand your implant case.

Recent Google Reviews...

I had 3 abutments and 3 crowns installed last week and everything went really well. The staff is helpful in everyday,, including organizing transportation to/from the airport and back and forth between clinic and hotel. Also had a telephone conversation before I went to Cancun to answer my questions and put me at ease. I can't recommend SOTA and Dental Design Studio.too highly!read more
Bill Carpenter
Bill Carpenter
22:34 07 Jun 18
Totally delighted with SOTA Dental Cancun. Spotlessly clean, modern equipment, highest level of expertise, and friendly service. Our highest recommendation for a dental facility that will cheerfully take excellent care of what ever you need. Call Aleida and we're confident that your experience will be as positive as ours has been. SOTA is a consortium of experts. Dr. Omar Garcia of Cosmetica Dental Azuna and Dr Gilberto Galvez teamed up to handle our issues. They even managed to save my molar that a US place said needed an emergency extraction. Thanks and I'm so glad we chose SOTA. BTW, don't worry, they have excellent communication skills in English language. Communication will not be any issue. We are just ordinary people that are extremely pleased with their services and received no remuneration for this more
00:39 19 May 18
I was on holiday and needed an emergency re-root canal. The staff at State of the Art Dental made arrangements for me to be seen as soon as possible, did a comprehensive evaluation with options and pricing. I chose to have the re-root canal done that day and spent 5 hours in state of the art surroundings, bing-watching netflix while my root canal was re-done. That was on a Friday and they had my crown ready by Monday morning. It was a higher quality service and crown than I received in the USA and at a fraction of the cost. I highly recommend this group and hope to be more
Julia Stout
Julia Stout
14:42 13 Jan 18
I am from San Francisco, My friend recommended me to go to SOTA Dental for dental solution. They were so helpful , Such a wonderful experience. Thank you againread more
11:17 08 Nov 17
I've been to different dental clinics in the United States before but nothing beats the guys at Sota Dental. This time I got my wisdom tooth removed and my friend referred this clinic to me. The appointment process was easy; they have great customer service that really attains to what I needed. The location is very accessible; my hotel is not so far from the clinic's location and I got there without hassle because they actually provided transportation service, which is very amazing. I was also amazed with their state-of-the-art equipment, some of it I did not see in any other clinic. Because they have this new hi-tech equipment, the tooth extraction I had was painless and super quick. The clinic is very hygienic and they really provided good service because when I got there, they immediately accommodated me. The staff are very friendly and professional as well. Dr. Galvez attended me. He is very nice and doesn’t make me feel awkward. He works very gently and precisely I really could tell he knows everything he is doing. He speaks very good English and was very conversational. Before we started the procedure, we talked for while about how I am doing, do I have allergies, do I have hypertension, we also talked about my hobbies and work. I normally get anxious when I go to clinics, maybe because I got this stereotype that doctors do not care about how you feel as long as they get the job done, but not Dr. Galvez. At first I was nervous with the procedure because I’ve heard from some of friends that the extraction is painful but he assured me that it painless. After the procedure, he discussed about the healing process and the do's and don'ts as well as the treatments that are on my budget. He is very professional without the awkwardness. I highly recommend this clinic. Professional people + state-of-the-art equipment + great customer service. I will certainly be a lifetime customer with these guys. Especially when you can relax on the beach in Cancun. That’s a more
Jude Vincent Awi
Jude Vincent Awi
09:26 05 Oct 17
I was feeling a lot of pain in my mouth because of my infected tooth but do not have health insurance that covers dental. A friend of mine told me to go to Mexico and seek dental care there and I gave it a shot since the cost is significantly cheaper and I can also afford the plane ticket. I was due for a vacation anyway, so I thought I would try an examination first, and if it felt right, I would have my infection taken care of there. I contacted Sota Dental and their secretary explained to what the plan will be before I went to Cancun. After speaking with her, I felt a lot more confident that I was actually going to take care of it and possibly some other problems I have with my teeth. I was amazed by their service. They picked me up from the airport and I went straight to the clinic. When I entered their clinic, it was super clean and I had no problems communicating with their staff since all spoke very good English. I did not have to wait since they had enough doctors to accommodate all of their patients and they even offered me water and showed me how to get food before my procedure (since you can’t eat right after). I told the dentist, Dr. Galvez, about my problems and I can say he listened to me intently. Unlike the dentists I encountered in the US who seemed less than unenthusiastic about having me as a patient, Dr. Galvez looked eager to give me the best service. He offered me options and what it would cost me and he suggested I get a root canal to fix my infection. I was expecting the operation to be like hell, but Dr. Galvez and his assistants made it easy for a first timer like me. It was a faster operation than I expected and it was almost pain-free. The needle for pain numbing was probably the most painful part and it was just a small pinch. Dr. Galvez is so smooth, too! That is a big plus. I never felt like I was having my mouth ripped open or anything. I actually felt like I was being too lazy for him because my mouth sometimes shuts when it gets tired at the dentist, but he never seemed to mind. If ever I encounter other problems, I would definitely go back and I will recommend Sota Dental to all of my friends who can’t afford the dental care here in the more
Delfin Dioquino
Delfin Dioquino
18:31 04 Oct 17
I live in the United Stated and I have had some trouble with how expensive dental care is. I needed 2 of my wisdom teeth removed because my upper and lower row of teeth had no more space for the wisdom teeth to grow in. Dental care is so expensive though that I could not even afford to have 1 removed through surgery. It has been a few months since I have been feeling pain in my mouth due to this and decided to look for a more affordable option. I simply couldn't stand the pain that I was experiencing anymore. A friend of mine had visited Sota Dental in Cancun, telling me that they offer much cheaper but quality dental care. The clinic there was clean and had some really nice equipment. The staff was very helpful and spoke English well, I also did not need to wait long for me to be entertained. The dentist that attended to me was Dr. Galvez. He was very professional and explained everything to me very clearly. He even offered me choices for all of those things that he could do and how it would affect me and my budget. He was really easy to talk to since he spoke English fluently and I felt very comfortable letting him oversee my procudure. I was seen by 3 doctors in total. The procedure was not painful at all and he gave me clear instructions on what I should be doing while recovery period. I am happy to have found this awesome clinic. It was so easy to coordinate with them and get an appointment. They were really so welcoming and they made the whole process so easy. They even gave me a ride to and from where I was staying. I will totally recommend this clinic to my family and friends and will be sure to come back if I need any other dental services. I'm so glad that I was finally able to have my wisdom teeth more
James Magbanua
James Magbanua
05:24 27 Sep 17
I live in California and planned my trip to Mexico to specifically get a couple of dental implants. Usually I would go to Tijuana but I had never been to Cancun before and was looking for a vacation as well. Having figured out how much it would cost me to do it here, I decided to search for other places that could do the same thing I was looking that won’t cost a fortune. I was already familiar with getting work done in Mexico so I just researched online. Fortunately after reading a bunch of reviews and researching about different clinics, I stumbled upon Dr. Galvez. I first sent an email to their office and received a prompt and detailed reply about my queries with everything, from traveling to the clinic, what they offer, and the whole process. This was very helpful and made the trip very easy. I had my appointment on the same day that I arrived. So, on the day of my appointment, I went to the Sota Dental Clinic and the first few things I noticed were how friendly the staff were. Everyone speaks English around the clinic which surprised me. The clinic itself was clean and well-maintained. I didn’t have a problem finding it by myself and with the help of Google Maps. Some people said Cancun is tricky in the downtown area, but I didn’t think so. But for those who will be staying the night or a couple days, the staff told me that they also offer pick up from the hotel you are staying at to the clinic which is a major bonus. The doctor who did my implants was recommended to me by Dr. Galvez and he discussed to me various options that matched my budget. He was very professional and patiently explained to me everything regarding the procedure that I wanted to do. The whole process was pain-free and might I say that they did a really good job with my teeth. It has been a few months now and everything feels great. I was worried that it would hurt so much but thankfully it didn’t. Overall, I’m very pleased with the result and knowing that I only paid a fraction of the price if I were to have it done here. California is expensive!read more
Czarina Malleta
Czarina Malleta
02:03 27 Sep 17
Dr. Galvez always greets with a friendly smile and takes an interest in your life outside of the office. He takes his professionalism seriously and will provide you his best recommendations. With any procedure you take on, his goal is to make it as comfortable and painless as possible. He takes pride in what he does. Most recently we have been watching a tooth of mine with suspicion of trauma causing a growing infection. He did some tests along with x-rays to confirm that the tooth is "dead" and would strongly recommend a root canal. This would be my first major dental procedure and I was a bit afraid but the staff reminded me that Root Canals are his specialty. So I was able to quickly set an appointment a few days later with them accommodating my busy schedule. The day came and my procedure ended with a breeze. My favorite part about it was that he took my pain seriously, stopping immediately to provide me with more numbing as necessary. Funny thing, I didn’t understand why people cringe when I tell them I had a root canal done earlier that same day. I had a pleasant experience, I can't imagine trusting any place else but here. I’m here again, as they took some images of my recently root canal tooth and waiting for my crown. Again, I want to thank your friendly staff for accommodating my needs and always taking good care of more
junior hall
junior hall
00:32 26 Sep 17
I am from Florida and it's really unfortunate that dental care here is very expensive. That's why I came to Sota Dental in Cancun to finally have my chipped tooth fixed and for my fake tooth to be made. It's been such a long time that I wanted this to be done but I couldn't afford to get one here. It really isn't that affordable to get one in the US. It's a good thing my friend recommended this Dr. Galvez to me. Not only is he really affordable, the staff are also really accommodating. The dentist, Dr. Galvez, was very kind enough to give me several options on treatments depending on my budget. He was also totally exceptional at what he does. It seems to me like he is very light handed because there was no pain during the entire procedure. Apart from that, he also explained everything so I would understand what I was about to go through. I am so glad that I came all the way to Sota Dental to have my teeth done because everything was basically perfect. It fit my budget at an absolutely wonderful quality that is at par to the dental clinics in the US. The process was also really smooth, thanks to the staff. I am definitely recommending this to my family and friends, and I would gladly have all my procedures done here in the more
Jenika Nicole Caparoso
Jenika Nicole Caparoso
16:00 25 Sep 17
I meet Doctor Gilbert five years ago, when I needed few root canals, before crowned most of my tooth.This young gentlemen doctor impressed me very much.Most of dentist doctors get good education and during their practice get experience, but Dr. Gilbert beside of those above, is highly gifted, intuitive and amazingly skilled.Doctor Gilbert, in my opinion and personal experience, are exceptional. PURE PROFESSIONALISM.I was the lucky one to meet Dr. Gilbert at the Ocean Dental Cancun Clinic, because for few years, when visiting Cancun Mexico, I always checked my problematic teeth with him and I always get best care and advise.I highly recommend Dr. Gilbert to anyone who need the best dental care. Also I want to add, that Dr. Gilbert use the best materials and newest technology with highest hygiene possible.VERY, VERY IMPRESSIVE. And if you need more information, please feel free to contact with me.IrenaOttawa, Canadaread more
Robert ghaderi
Robert ghaderi
00:50 15 Aug 17


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